Cross Talk Square / Rectangular typeSound Attenuator
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Cross Talk Square / Rectangular typeSound Attenuator

BETEC CAD’s B-20 Series Galvanized Steel /Stainless Steel Construction.Square / Rectangular type.

Bell nosed splitters; Low Leakage Rating.

Models: CTS-B-20A

CTS B 20 Series Cross Talk type Sound attenuators are galvanized steel construction high performance, to ensure lowest resistance to airflow in HVAC systems with velocities to 1600 fpm (8 m/sec.) and at 2” w.g. (500Pa) may be installed vertically or horizontally and rated for airflow and leakage DW-144 class C. The standard construction is suitable for a leakage of <0.5%. The square and rectangular type attenuators are designed for handling maximum air capacities at minimum pressure drop.
The shell noise radiation is minimized by double skin splitter construction. Turbulence of the airflow is minimized due to the bell nose design of the splitter at the entrance of the air inlet. Economy results by using properly designed BETEC CAD factory calibrated / fabricated Sound Attenuators.