4- Way Square Diffuser
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Square Diffuser – B-10 – Series;

14 – 4 Way; 13 – 3 Way; 12 – 2 Way ; 11 – 1 Way

Model : RAD-B-14 / SAD-B-14

Aluminium Construction / SS Construction.

Low Leakage Frame styles.


BETEC CAD. model RAD-B-14 / SAD-B-14 is a Return / Supply 4 way air Diffusers for air distribution in HVAC systems. They provide excellent performance for air distribution and low pressure drops at different air passage velocities. All models of Square Diffusers are designed to give full flexibility in volume and air pattern control. Air distribution pattern can be made horizontal or vertical along the ceiling. Deflecting vanes and opposed volume damper can be adjusted from the diffuser face. By adjusting the volume damper, flow volume can be adjusted. The volume damper is designed in a unique way that it can be used as an equalizing grid. The Diffusers are constructed from high quality aluminum extruded profiles.