Jet Nozzel B-10 Series
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JN / JB B-10 / 20, Aluminum / GI Construction.  


Adjustable face ;

Low Leakage Frame styles.

BETEC CAD. manufactures Jet Nozzles. They provide excellent air performance, at low pressure drops at different air velocities. The supply of conditioned (cool / hot) air from the jet diffuser, has to travel a large distance to the occupied zone. Where the distribution of air via ceiling diffusers is not possible. The jet nozzles are placed in the corners and at high level areas. Air distribution pattern can be made to any desired angle. Opposed butterfly damper can be adjusted from the nozzle face. By adjusting the volume damper, flow volume can be adjusted. The Jet nozzle / Jet ball is constructed from high quality aluminum. Jet Nozzles are designed to use mainly in HVAC applications. These are used normally in Malls, Airports, Auditoriums, Sports Arenas, Hyper markets, Zoos etc.