Jet Fans
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Jet Fans

B-10 Series, Cylindrical Construction.

Fire rating : 1hr. at 392°F (200°C) ;½ hr. at 572°F (300°C);

Models: JFD -12 ; JFD -16 .

BETEC CAD‘s Jet Fans Ventilation System provides an efficient and cost effective solution for normal ventilation or smoke extraction in enclosed, multi-storey and underground car parks. The jet fans principle offers different possibilities for two different targets: normal ventilation for CO removal and High Temperature ventilation for smoke extraction in case of fire. A combination of both is possible through dual purpose jet fans.
JFD B 10 Series Jet Fans are galvanized steel construction high performance, to ensure lowest resistance to airflow in HVAC systems with velocities to 2400 fpm (12 m/sec.) and at 4.5” w.g. (1125Pa), installed horizontally for airflow extract applications. The standard construction Jet Fans are designed for handling maximum air capacities for the extract of smoke or air, in the event of excess CO / CO2 formation.

Available in two different sizes of jet fan JFD -12 ; JFD- 16, depending on the performance required, with impeller diameter of 12” or 16” (310 mm or 400mm) High Temperature ResistanceRatings: 200°C for 1 hour; 300°C for ½ hour.