Variable Plenums B-10 / 20, Aluminum / GI Construction.
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Variable Plenums B-10 / 20, Aluminum / GI Construction.

AerfoilVanes ; Insulated, Leakage proof Plenum styles.

BETEC CADmanufactures Variable Square / Linear Plenums for air distribution in HVAC systems, They provide excellent air performance characteristics at low pressure drops at different air passage velocities. Plenums are designed to ensure even distribution of air over surface of the associated diffuser or grill with minimum noise turbulence, thereby are maintaining the correct airflow performance characteristics. All models of Variable Plenums are designed to give full flexibility in volume and air pattern control. Single or multiple length arrangement will provide positive alignment of adjacent sections using alignment strips, provided with each linear sections. The grill / diffuser is constructed from high quality aluminum extruded profiles.