BETEC CAD. has been leader for over 20 years in designing and manufacturing durable, high performance control Dampers for industrial and commercial building ventilation applications constructed from heavy-duty, high quality steel with the most advanced equipments in the industry. BETEC CAD. Dampers can stand up to the toughest and most demanding environments and can be custom-built to meet the exact needs of virtually any ventilation or process application.

BETEC CAD. manufactures UL classified dampers to meet the standards of NFPA – National Fire Protection Authority,

For human life and property safety to meet the demands of fire and smoke protection, these dampers are available in a range of classifications and with a variety of custom built features and options.

BETEC CAD. fire dampers are designed to operate as an integral part of engineered smoke management system for building controls, and are used in walls, ceilings and floors. They are suitable for both dynamic or static systems. Fire Dampers are required by the International Uniform Building Code to maintain the required fire resistance rating of walls, partitions, and floors when they are penetrated by air ducts or other ventilation openings.

A duct or ventilation opening in any of the fire rated partitions would permit a fire to spread from the compartment of origin to adjoining compartments or space. Fire Dampers or Fire-Smoke dampers are installed in these ducts or ventilation openings. They close automatically upon detection of heat by a Thermal responsive device (TRD), blocking the openings and preventing the spread of fire or smoke in to the adjoining compartment.

BETEC CAD’s experienced and professional team provide quality product through continued commitment to research and develop and with the introduction of new technologies.