Induction Type VAVS
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Induction Type VAVs

BETEC CAD– B- 40Series variable air volume induction terminals are designed to provide the benefits of precise, efficient control of conditioned air supply to match the room temperature loads and energy conscientious by use of ceiling plenum return air combines with the primary supply air to ensure satisfactory room air condition. The conditioned supply air (primary air) flowing through a carefully engineered variable aperture “flow slot” provides the induction of the warm plenum air without the use of integral fans.
When primary air enters the Induction VAV, the flow grid determines the static and damper controls the primary airflow as well as it creates a negative pressure in the entrance of the induction port. This creates plenum air to be induced through induction into the induction port, where it is mixed with primary air flow. The mixed airflow is equally distributed by the multiple outlet section. VAV – Temp dependent and pressure independent.