VAV With Heater Coil Unit
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VAV With Heater Coil Unit

BETEC CAD’sVAV – DH – B-10 / 20 / 30, Galvanized Construction.

VoltageRating : 220 V / 480V. .

Single Door ; Insulated, Leakage proof Frame and Box styles.
VAV with Slip in Heater the reheat coils are factory fitted in to the corresponding VAV or CAV. It is designed so that the VAV or CAV followed by a heater battery are used, in excessive humid places, to avoid condensation of the equipment. Slip in heater-VAVs are widely used because it allows the duct work can be installed before the VAV + heaters are available, simplifies the design and changes. Furthermore, VAV with slip-in heaters may be installed without any special arrangements for their support.