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Sunshade Louvers are designed for zero solar heat gain by shutting out light. Easily managed by the buildings environmental control system, this product solves many light infusion issues. Sunshades are an attractive means to obstruct undesired sun and heat gain while allowing natural light into your building. Sunshade louvers add an attractive design element to your building


BETEC CAD’s  Aluminium Extruded aerofoil sunshade louvers deflect thermal gain from incident sun, integrating light control into the building envelope. With a touch of the remote button, louvers can be positioned anywhere within their 120-degree range of motion for the exact amount of protection or ventilation desired. The objective of a sunshade louver is to block the entry of direct sunshine into your building throughout the cooling season, while allowing direct sunlight during the heating season. This combination provides the greatest benefit for reducing energy consumption over the life of your building. Sunshades should blend with other building design elements and provide the desired appearance


Aerofoil louver Controllers are available in a variety of colors. The frame and blades are made of enamel or kynar powder-coated or anodized aluminum

Properly engineered, these structures can resist wind loads of up to 120 km/h. A variety of blade control options include manual by friction, mechanical or electrical remote control.


Key Features
Extruded louvers are more durable, while fabricated designs can include perforation to modify their performance

Sunshade louver shapes, composition, and finish also can be used to create specific daylighting effects as well as establishing a different aesthetic.


BETEC CAD  Sunshade louvers typically have an anodized aluminum finish to ensure long product life and minimal maintenance. Other finishes include polyester powder coating and fluor polymer painting. All resist damage to sun or weather.


Electrical Remote control
Enable control from inside by means of a simple switch, allowing remote operation of the sun shade louver at any distance. The motor is built for external operation and is not effected rain or humidity.