Non-Drainable Aerofoil Blade Louver
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WEATHER LOUVERS – WL- B-22 Series (Medium/Heavy Duty Applications)

BETEC CAD’s B-22 Series AluminiumConstruction.

Blades :Aerofoil Horizontal Fixed Blades;

Models: WL-B-22

BETEC CAD’s a variety of Aerofoil blades louvers to meet wide range of needs. Available with a highly weather-resistant PVDF / Powder coated finishes to match any color.

Available in various frame styles, BETEC CAD’s louvers accommodate various blade angle with high free area for low pressure drop.

BETEC CAD manufactures weather louvers, with adjustable louvers and louver/Damper combinations. Which are designed for both intake and exhaust air applications. Weather louvers have been designed to ensure that the basic parameters of minimum pressure loss, low self-generated aerodynamic noise and minimal water ingress are satisfied and also construction includes aesthetically appearance when view from outside.

Size Limitation
Module Size: Width x Height Mounting Position
Single Max X Max. 6″ x 6″ V
Single Max X Max. 48″ x 48″ V
Single Max X Max. 96″ x 96″ V