ISO 9001 : 2008



BETEC CAD’s products are tested and certified by international certification authorities including UL, AMCA, BS, ABS for power, marine, pharmaceutical, nuclear, industrial, oil and gas, tunnel/metro, and construction HVAC applications

Meet The Global Standard

Established in the year of 1995, in Sharjah as LLC & Now Complete Operations shifted to SAIF Zone Since 2005, BETEC CAD. now stands as one of the leading HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air_Conditioning) manufacturer and supplier in U.A.E. and Over Seas offering a wide range of products, services and technology in various sectors such as Construction, Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Power Plant sectors etc. bestowed with all the well Established Engineering capabilities to match with all the International standards…

Tunnel / Industrial

Oil and Gas


Residential / Commercial


Galvanized construction, stainless steel aerofoil blade, Class 1 leakage at 350° F, 20 in. wg pressure, 4000 fpm velocity, 4 hours fire rating, 250° C for 2 hours.

Marine damper

Stainless steel construction, stainless steel aerofoil blade, 1 hour fire rating per IMO FTP code. 

Galvanized construction, stainless steel aerofoil blade, 10in. wg pressure, 3900 fpm velocity, temperature range of -20° C to 250° C.
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