Linear Slot Diffusers Return – Intertek

Standard Construction Details


Extruded Aluminum profile.

Deflection Blades

Extruded Aluminum profile.


Galvanized steel hit and miss damper with black matte finish.

Slot Width

25 mm.

Number of Slots



Available with RAL powder coating, please specify color.

Optional Fittings

Plenum chamber

Plenum is available with circular, square or rectangular spigots in either top or side entry applications.

Slot width

16 & 20 mm.

Foam Gasket

Provided all around the frame, to prevent leakage of air.


Mill finish or Chrome plating.


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Type: Return Linear Slot Diffusers
Model : RLSD-AB-21-S-x
Slot width (S) : 16 / 20 / 25* mm; No. of Slots (x) : 1 to 8
Construction: Aluminium

Slot diffuser frame and deflection blades are made of extruded aluminium profiles. Air diffusion pattern can be varied for horizontal airflow along the ceiling, vertically downwards flow or intermediate flow.
The defelecting vanes and integral volume damper (hit and miss damper) can be adjusted from the face of the diffuser. Slot diffusers are suitable for installations in ceiling and sill..


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